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About Freelancing as a Shopify Web Developer With FreeUp:

  • Shopify Web Developer freelance job opportunities posted daily
  • Set your own hourly Shopify Web Developer freelance rates (or fixed-rate projects)
  • Set your own work from home schedule
  • Work and earn as much as a Shopify Web Developer Freelancer
  • 24/7 support for freelancers
  • Webinars, resources, and a Slack workspace to help build your freelance business
  • A dedicated internal team who is here to support you and help you succeed!

Shopify Developer Freelancer Application Requirements

  • Extensive experience helping clients build and optimize their Shopify stores
  • Portfolio or website that proves you have Shopify Development experience
  • Strong English and communication skills
  • Excellent internet
  • Must be able to respond to clients within one business day.

    How to Apply to Be a Shopify Developer Freelancer

    1. Write a short cover letter about why you're a great Shopify developer freelancer
    2. We'll reach out for your resume with some follow up questions
    3. Quick Zoom video interview with a member of the FreeUp team
    4. Once you're in our network, start applying to Shopify developer freelance jobs and make money!

    Freelancers located in the state of California will be required to provide an EIN for tax purposes.