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Hi! We're FreeUp!

FreeUp is a freelance marketplace dedicated to connecting business owners with talented freelancers and remote workers from all over the world.

We believe that freelancing is the future of business, and we're dedicated to building the best community for freelancers possible.

About Freelancing With FreeUp:

  • Hundreds of freelance job opportunities posted every week
  • Set your own hourly freelance rates (or fixed-rate projects)
  • Set your own work from home schedule
  • Work and earn as much as you want freelancing
  • 24/7 support for freelancers
  • Webinars, resources, and a Slack workspace to help build your freelance business
  • A dedicated internal team who is here to support you and help you succeed!

Jobs to Expect Freelancing on FreeUp

We have clients looking for freelancers across all sorts of industries and experiences. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Web Development (WordPress, Full Stack, PHP, Shopify, Javascript, etc. etc.)
  • Amazon PPC, FBA, and Amazon Virtual Assistants freelancers
  • ECommerce freelancers
  • Graphic Design freelancers
  • UX/UI and Web Design freelancers
  • Remote Sales, Appointment-Setting and Telemarketing freelancers
  • Customer Service freelancers
  • Digital Marketing freelancers
  • Lead Funnel Expert freelancers
  • SEO freelancers
  • PPC freelancers
  • Bookkeeping freelancers
  • Social Media Management freelancers
  • Social Media Paid Ads freelancers
  • Email Marketing freelancers
  • Copywriting freelancers
  • Virtual and Executive Assistant freelancers
  • And many, many more!! (You can check our hire page

    FreeUp Freelancing Levels

      Different clients have different needs depending on the tasks they need to be completed.

      That's why we have three different levels of experience that clients post jobs for.

      Entry-Level ($5-$15/hour, depending on the market in your location)

      • Primarily production, virtual assistant, or customer-service tasks with clearly defined processes and expectations.
      • Training and SOP will be provided by the client
      • Best for: freelancers dedicated to strong communication, following directions, customer service, fast learners, and those with high attention to detail.

      Mid-Level ($10-$40/hour, depending on the market in your location)

      • Primarily executing tasks or projects for the client that require a level of specialized skill and experience in a particular industry.
      • Works with the client to define the project’s goals and executes (ie: completes a blog post or e-book, fixes a website’s onsite SEO, updates product descriptions).
      • Best for: freelancers with at least a year of experience in a particular industry, some sort of training/certification, and a portfolio or website.

      Expert Level ($20-$75+/hour, depending on the market in your location)

      • Consults the client to define and execute a strategy that will help the client reach KPI’s or goals.
      • While the client may have a particular end-goal in mind in terms of traffic, lead generation, etc., the expert creates and executes the strategy (ie: build my website, be my SEO strategist, determine and run my social media campaigns).
      • Best for: freelancers with years of experience in the industry, experience consulting with clients to help them earn results, and a robust portfolio that not only includes work but includes the results of this work (KPI’s or other metrics reached).

      How to Apply to Be a FreeUp Freelancer

      1. Upload your Resume/CV
      2. Fill out the questionnaire (if you are applying as an entry-level freelancer or a mid-level freelancer, you don't have to answer all the questions!)
      3. If we approve your questionnaire, we'll reach out to schedule a quick Zoom Interview with a FreeUp team member (also so we can meet you!)
      4. Once you're onboarded, you can start applying for freelancing jobs right away!

      Freelancers located in the state of California will be required to provide an EIN for tax purposes.