Thanks for Applying to FreeUp!

Welcome to FreeUp-- the freelance platform invested in you and the growth of your business.

About Working With FreeUp:

We are a freelance marketplace focused on connecting high-quality remote freelancers with reputable companies from around the world.

Once you are accepted into the network, you can view open projects from clients looking to work with freelancers with your skillsets on a daily basis.

Freelancers love FreeUp because it allows them spend less time searching/pitching for work and more time connecting with new clients in order to grow your business.

We also pride ourselves on the community we create. Freelancers are in group chats on a daily basis where they can connect, share resources, and even pick up jobs directly from our Slack Workspaces.

FreeUp leadership also prides itself on being transparent and accessible, and we have 24/7 support for our Freelance team. We're all here to work together towards a common goal!

What to Expect:

This application is the initial screening process. We want to know more about your skills and experience to see if you’re a good fit for our platform and how to best match you with the right clients.

Stage 2 is a 15-20 minute video interview with a member of our success team-- but we’ll let you know either way what we thought of your application.

FreeUp Levels of Expertise (Important!):

FreeUp has three defined “levels” clients hire for, depending on their needs. In order to determine the best fit for you, please apply as one of the following levels within your skills:

Entry-Level ($5-$15/hour, depending on the market in your location)

  • Primarily production, administrative, or customer-service tasks with clearly defined processes and expectations.
  • Training and SOP will be provided by the client
  • Best for: freelancers dedicated to strong communication, following directions, customer service, fast learners, and those with high attention to detail.

Mid-Level ($10-$40/hour, depending on the market in your location)

  • Primarily executing tasks or projects for the client that require a level of specialized skill and experience in a particular industry.
  • Works with the client to define the project’s goals and executes (ie: completes a blog post or e-book, fixes a website’s onsite SEO, updates product descriptions).
  • Best for: freelancers with at least a year of experience in a particular industry, some sort of training/certification and a portfolio or website to prove experience.

Expert Level ($20-$75+/hour, depending on the market in your location)

  • Consults the client to define and execute a strategy that will help the client reach KPI’s or goals.
  • While the client may have a particular end-goal in mind in terms of traffic, lead generation, etc., the expert creates and executes the strategy (ie: build my website, be my SEO strategist, determine and run my social media campaigns).
  • Best for: freelancers with years of experience in the industry, experience consulting with clients to help them earn results, and a robust portfolio that not only includes work but includes the results of this work (KPI’s or other metrics reached).


Entry-Level Applicants are required to answer all Entry Level questions.

Mid-Level Applicants are required to answer all Entry-Level and Mid-Level questions.

Expert-Level Applicants are required to answer all questions.

Freelancers located in the state of California will be required to provide an EIN for tax purposes.